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A great website & article from: Stephanie Winter of Garden & Happy

Latest Lettuce Tips! Lettuce Help You!


Gardening Tips:

Austin Real Estate Home Gardening Tips 

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We are now proud members of Garden Centers of America!

This is a simple key to identify New England Natives from Go Botnay.  It is an identification guide.  Seems pretty fun.

What is it?


A Great Flower Identification Resource Guide from Avas Flowers!

Resource Guide

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Prides Corner

This is a wonderful resource, it is an alphabetized listing of trees and shrubs and just about anything about them, zone, deer resistant, etc.   They even have a drought tolerant list, butterfly attracting etc., seems to cover it all!

Prides Corner - Great resource, thank you!

UNH Cooperative Extension Education Center & Info Line

Cooperative Extension Service

We offer in-person support and a University Connection. Extension provides practical education you can trust. The Info Line at UNH Cooperative Extension is staffed by professionals and trained volunteers. ABOUT US We answer questions about:

329 Mast Road
Goffstown, NH 03045
1-877-EXT-GROW (1-877-398-4769)
Website    -    Directions

Hours: Mon. - Fri.
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

After-hours office phone: (603) 351-3831

1-877-EXT-GROW (1-877-398-4769)

( Information & links are directly from UNH Cooperative Extension's website )

 Better Home & Garden - Very helpful info! (click below)

Plant Encyclopedia

We carry many "Proven Winner" Annuals

Proven Winner

Here is a link to the UNH Fruit Tree spraying schedule:  

UNH Fruit Tree Spraying

Here we are featured on WMUR!


Grow it Green Segments - WMUR