Bulbs for now, beauty before you know it!

Planting bulbs are one of my favorite things to do this time of year.  It's so much fun knowing that a beautiful surprise will greet me soon after and make my house look and smell lovely with very little effort on my part!



Bonnie Amirpour

Amaryllis is an incredibly popular houseplant. This bulb may start off looking rather dull, but from just a few leaves, an incredible and colourful set of flowers appear that can't help but cause a little excitement. Planted and cared for in the correct way, these bulbs will last for many years, offering blooms every spring.

Planting Amaryllis is a bit different to other bulbs in that you need to ensure that two thirds of the bulb is actually above the surface of the soil. Choose a pot that's a little larger than the bulb itself, fill with compost, water thoroughly and firm the soil around your amaryllis. It's best to place bulbs in a warm location to initiate growth, and once the first few leaves begin to appear you can water regularly, keeping the soil moist.

Plant amaryllis at the end of October so that the blooms appear in time for Christmas. After six to eight weeks the flower should appear, and if you don't want a plant that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, rotate the pot everyday so that the stalk grows perfectly upright. Once flowers have opened, move your amaryllis to a slightly cooler area of the house so that you can enjoy the flowers for longer.

Caring for your bulbs is very easy, and once flowers fade, continue watering until the beginning of September. At this time, stop watering and allow plants to dry out for a couple of months and store in a cool place. When you're ready to start growing again, move your amaryllis into the warm and start watering again.

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Step-by-Step Guide

1. Plant amaryllis in a a pot that's slightly larger than your amaryllis bulb, fill with moist compost and firm soil around the bulb, ensuring that your bulb is two thirds above the surface of the soil.

2. Start watering regularly when the first leaves appear, keeping soil moist but not waterlogged.

3. As the flower stem appears, rotate pots daily to keep stalks upright.

4. Move plants to a cooler spot when they flower to prolong the length of time blooms last for.

5. When flowers fade, cut stems and keep watering until September.

6. In September stop watering for two months and allow bulb to dry out completely. Store in a cool and frost-free area such as a garage or greenhouse.

7. When you're ready for more flowers, bring bulb into the warm and start the process again.

Garden tools required: Pot Trowel Compost Duration: 1 hour for one season Level: Beginner


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Indoor bulbs are the perfect gift for the holiday season, as they give the gift of happiness. Amaryllis and paperwhites allow for a creative and thoughtful way to express your gratitude over the holiday season. Both are easy to grow, and their increasing popularity make them excellent additions to holiday décor. What better way to inspire someone this holiday season then by giving the gift of happiness.