Stephanotis Floribunda

“Madagascar Jasmine”

Stephanotis is one of the most coveted house plants because of its intensely powerful, sweet smelling blossoms.  However, the rewards of a thriving stephanotis plant are not easily earned.  The plant is a climber and is usually trained to grow around a wire or trellis inside its pot.   It’s leaves are dark green, smooth and thick; its stem is woody and the white star-shaped flowers are tubular as buds, opening into 5 pointed stars.  If you have a blooming stephanotis plant in a room in your house, you will smell its sweet scent everywhere.  The fragrant waxy blossoms are also much desired by florists for use in weddings.

How to Grow a Healthy Stephanotis House Plant:

Keep your stephanotis plant humid:

Stephanotis is native to the tropical island, Madagascar, and is accustomed to that humid environment. Keep your Stephanotis humid and happy by:

  1. Misting it regularly with a fine-headed spray
  2. Place the stephanotis pot in a tray of water and gravel, preventing the roots from sitting directly in the water, but allowing the plant to receive the humidity as the water evaporates.
  3. Place your Stephanotis in a naturally humid place, such as near the kitchen sink or the shower.

Grow the Stephanotis in the right Medium:

Stephanotis grows in the ground in its natural environment and therefore, will appreciate a soil based potting mix or a half peat moss, half soil mix.

Stephanotis Wall.jpg

Maintain a constant, still environment

The delicate stephanotis plant will be disturbed by drastic changes in the temperature, strong drafts or anything that moves it or shakes it.  This is especially relevant when the plant is carrying flower buds.  These kinds of disruptions will cause the buds to fall off, before getting the chance to flower and enchant us humans with its fragrance.

Keep the Stephanotis in Bright, indirect light.

Stephanotis are used to growing in the jungle near the equator.  Here the light is strong and bright, but filtered by the tall rainforest trees’ leaves above.  Replicate this for your stephanotis by putting it in a bright window with a light sheer curtain.

Fertilize the Stephanotis plant in the spring and Summer:

To encourage blossoming and growth, provide your stephanotis with a diluted high potash liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks in the spring and summer.